cheers to that

Ladies and gentleman: as of midnight last night, I have officially finished applying to grad school. Everything is submitted. For those keeping track at home, that includes three professors’ recommendation letters (and wasn’t THAT a cause for premature graying), transcripts, tailored statements of purpose, writing sample and the accompanying images, resumes, GRE scores, application forms, and heinously expensive application fees that I am trying to recast as “professional investments,” but having a spot of trouble with, because where does a city university get the nerve to charge a $125 processing fee?

Oh, what’s that you say? It’s my first choice? And they can do whatever they want? And I would still apply? Okay then. I’ll shut up.

This process was an adventure, diplomatically speaking. Read: it gave me the vapors. I have had to Fedex overnight more applications and/or supplements than I care to admit. Basically, I had better get in somewhere, because at this point I would rather just not go, just can the whole Master’s thing, than go through this smelling-salts-clutching process once more.

So I hope I get in somewhere. Or somewheres.

Anyway, the cookies. Wouldn’t you like to know about those. Several reasons for baking them: to toast the end of applications; to thank our good samaritan, snow-blowing neighbor with a special delivery; and to honor a very special, yet little-known holiday, one which officially falls tomorrow but that I couldn’t help celebrating early. Please tune in then, and do yourself a favor: make sure you have Nutella on hand.


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