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swimming with the fishies

It’s hard to believe that exactly six days ago, we were driving up the southern California coast to the Aquarium of the Pacific. It was a cool 60 degrees, and the fog had burned off by noon. (No matter how many times I visit, it always takes a few days to remember that the morning’s low-hanging and glum mass of coastline clouds are as typical morning fare as coffee and do not signal a day of rain — that they will without exception give way to brilliant afternoon sunshine.) When we left the aquarium, we drove back to Laguna for lunch at Wahoo’s, where I had the shrimp burrito (!), wet (!), aka smothered in a green pepper-cilantro sauce. It is knife-and-fork fare, unappealingly named but delicious, and I crave it on a weekly basis.

Then we went to “The King’s Speech,” which you should go see, right now!, because it is spectacular, and then we had dinner at Mastro’s Ocean Club. Ooh, wasn’t that a good day! As for here and now . . . maybe half a foot of snow on the ground blew in last night. I’d rather think about the Pacific fishies.


can i take you home?

Spotted: Sunday afternoon in Amana, a collarless kitty hanging out on a wooden bridge. This is a dangerous thing to spot.

For when you spot a lonesome kitty, friends, there’s only one thing to do.

Scratchy scratch scratch!

Ooh, that feels good . . .

I guess you’re okay.


Why’d it stop?

Come back!

Herro? Maybe?

Fine, go away.

See if I care.

We-ellllllllll . . .

Thaz pretty good!

Okay, I will come home with you!*

(Sadly, no.)