the calm before?

It took a little while, but the daffodils behind our holly hedges exploded into radioactively-yellow bloom this weekend. We were so happy to see them — an incontrovertible sign that spring is truly here, despite the waning/waxing temperatures and threats of severe thunderstorms/tornadoes. At eighty degrees and sunny (and, okay, very windy), it’s hard to believe any of those nasty evening forecasts and we are stubbornly planning on firing up the grill tonight. I mean, hopefully we can at least finish barbecuing the chicken before repairing to the basement, which (fun fact!) still has a turn-of-the-century coal room and is definitely not haunted. For the next six hours or until the winds change (whichever comes first), the afternoon is all about walking downtown, turning off the heater, and finally getting to wear shorts.


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