back in the swing

We’ve been back from vacation for four days, but I’m having a hard time adjusting. Don’t get me wrong — I haven’t been moping around, lolling in bed, watching Jurassic Park until the cows come home. I have, thank you very much, applied to a dozen new internships in New York, galvanized by our recent visit and the radio silence on existing applications. (I am actually starting to run out of museums.)

But yesterday morning, when I was making coffee, I put the coffee beans in the filter without grinding them first. And then proceeded to run the machine. And wonder why the coffee looked so watery and thin. Hmm…

So it’s a slow slog back to reality.

Also! It’s cold here! Snow flurries expected later this week and thunderstorms throughout. The nerve! Especially since last Friday, this was our happy, post-gelato, seventy-degrees afternoon reality:

Sigh. I promise I’ll get better soon.


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