2011 will star

certainly rejection letters, perhaps waitlists, and pleaseohplease some acceptance letters

new start in a perhaps-new city: clam chowder? cheesesteak? fish and chips? back to thin crust pizza?

a hop-skip trip across the Atlantic, just to make sure Big Ben’s still there – you understand

traipsing around the century-old house in nubby new sweaters and scarves

at least two new books a month

boxing up all my clothes, shoes, books, pans, and, yes, those four kinds of flour and waving goodbye to the corn state in my rear-view mirror

a summer in the hot, steamy big apple, with its open air theater, screens on the greens, cook-outs, sundresses, blasting a/c, iced coffees by day and freshly squeezed margaritas by night

greenmarket in union square, i am going to take you by storm come may – by hook or by crook

laying in the sand, eating ice cream on the beach, and swimming in the ocean

learning to love running; barring this, since we all know it’s a laugh, learning to not loathe gyms and actually visiting one more frequently than once per equinox {i’m all about realistic expectations}

more patience, more spontaneity, more letters, more yoga, more risk

museum hopping, gallery openings, scholarly journals, meeting with professors, it all means more art

2Amys and grimaldis and lasso, desserttruck works, mud coffee, sushi picnics, cafetasia, the #6 at gray dog, enchilada night

looking ahead and ahead and ahead when long distance starts dragging on

making a point to wear heels more {they make me feel like a big kid}

and finding more excuses to host parties


One response to this post.

  1. Posted by clara on January 5, 2011 at 4:02 pm

    i’m not sure i’ve seen big ben lately… you really (really) need to come check.

    also, props on the twin book-reading resolution 🙂 january: one down, one to go (thank you, vacation)

    also, because i don’t post often enough… everything you make looks delicious


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