what’s old is new again

I would like to preface this post with the comment: I have nothing against whipper-snappers. I like them, even though today’s younguns are cheeky little snot-rags, and we definitely weren’t that rude.

(Name that movie!)

(It’s also a book.)

(Coming out at midnight tonight!!!!)

But seriously. Monday afternoon, on the drive home from school, this conversation took place:

J, 6th grader: Guess what my new favorite song is?
Me: Kesha.*
J: No, “I want it that way.”
Me: “I want it that way.” Are you joking?
J: No, I think it’s by *NSYNC?

(*No, I do not approve of this. But that’s for another time. Did you know that telling middle schoolers that you don’t approve does not, in fact, make them stop?)

Oh so very wrong.

J: Is that the video where they’re puppets?

Gentle reader, surely you would never confuse the Backstreet Boys with *NSYNC, surely you know that “I want it that way” is by the Backstreet Boys, and surely, surely you have already thwacked your head on the table because OF COURSE the video “where they’re all puppets” is “Bye Bye Bye”, which is OF COURSE by *NSYNC.

Later, at the house:
Me: I bet you don’t even know who’s in the Backstreet Boys. (Okay, I was feeling a little confrontational. Cut me some slack.)
J: Oh yeah I do! Justin Timberlake!

I am not making this up.

Me: No, he wasn’t.
J: Yes, he was!
Me: You are absolutely wrong.
J: No, I’m not, [older sister] told me.
Me: How much do you want to bet?

With that, the most furiously-raging debate of our tweenhood gasped, died, and was rendered irrelevant. BSB vs. NSYNC is, of course, a moot point when Justin Timberlake switches sides.

And finally:
J: So there’s this Britney Spears song I’ve never heard.
Me: Oh God.
J: I think it’s called “Oops, I did it again?”
Me: Ahh.
J: And is that the video where she’s in a school?

The end.


One response to this post.

  1. I’m so glad I’m not the only one who cannot shy away from confrontation with a 12 year old. My little sister is cooler than I am, and probably always will be. All I have is pop culture knowledge from before she was born.


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