how do you like them apples

I was a little bummed when I realized, several weeks ago, that we missed the fall’s apple picking season. (Yet again!) But our visit to Wilson’s Apple Orchard, located on both sides of the Rapid Creek valley, proved that there’s still fun to be had on the farm, even if it doesn’t involve telescopic, clawed apple-picking baskets like this. The orchard comprises several acres of beautiful land, itself worth a twenty-minute drive. On weekends, there are regular tractor rides through the property — a perk we didn’t take advantage of, since the swell of land by the parking lot offered a lovely view anyway.

Inside the shop, Wilson’s offers (alliteration alert!) pie pumpkins for purchase, whole apples galore, cider, baked goods, recipe books and gift baskets, soaps and lotions, and yes! hay barrels to sit on. We got a little of everything: a pumpkin for gutting, roasting, and whirling into a pie; a half-gallon of cider; a couple pounds of Fujis; and two piping hot turnovers for immediate noshing. Oh, those turnovers . . . let’s just say that when I told the gal I babysit that I was going to Wilson’s, she commanded, “You have to get an apple turnover. You will just not believe how good they are.”

And they truly are delicious. On that (baking) note, I’d hoped to have enough apples to make a spiced applesauce cake, but they lend themselves so well to whole snacking that, well, there just aren’t enough anymore. Sigh. I guess it’s back to the orchard!


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