a list

1. It got cold.

2. It got wet. Those tall, bright, and blog worthy mums that had been growing out back despite my gross mismanagement got walloped in the weekend’s rain storms. I thought they’d spring back up, like little Jack-in-the-Boxes, but they have, um, not. I am quite distressed. Should I stake them? Is it too cold to stake them? How would I stake them in the first place?

3. We have a new closet.

4. Well, a new closet bar/shelf system, but trust me: it’s like having a new closet. I am obsessed. I like looking at my scarf patterns and sweater colors, nooked into the eaves of the house.

5. I have picked up two tutoring jobs in the last week. It never fails: October comes bearing midterms, and lo! Weeks of skipping Friday classes, meet consequences.

6. I am making an apple pie in the next week.

7. Possibly applesauce spice cake, as well. Possibly? Probably.

8. I think I’m starting to like Anne Burrell, from “Secrets of a Restaurant Chef,” more than the Barefoot Contessa. It freaks me out.

9. But my love for Nigella, her British accent, her cinnamon rolls, and her ochre-lit Sunday morning show will never fade.

9. According to the little girl I babysit and her weekly “Current Events” paragraph, a new high speed train from Iowa City to Chicago is officially in the works, to be finished in . . . wait for it . . . 2015.
“The feds just approved it.”
“Really, the feds? Like the federal government?”
“I don’t know, who cares.”
She is in sixth grade and she does not care for your sass!

10. Also: “Justin Bieber sounds like a girl, it’s soooo annoying. I like some of his songs, but I don’t like him, like, as a person.”

12. I lost a necklace down the sink drain last week. Our handyman removed the pipe to get it back, but the pipe was too corroded to screw it back in. So we got new sink piping.

13. They had to completely replace the rusty lead pipes (old house! old house!), which involved cracking into the bathroom dry wall. So then they had to patch up the hole. The workman’s upstairs, as he has been since Tuesday morning. When the wall was patched.

14. I don’t know what he’s still doing up there.

15. But I’m pretty sure this is the last day?


Thank you for playing.


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  1. Posted by Martha on October 28, 2010 at 7:23 pm

    Yes, definitely stake those mums! See here for details:



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