painting, in brief

Our house needs some accent walls.

That’s what Billy and I concluded several months ago. Several weeks ago, we sent feeler emails to a couple local painters. And a few hours ago, the final coats of egg shell dried. Blue in the bedroom, red in the office. Soothing where you sleep, invigorating where you work! That’s what a degree in looking at pictures will getcha.

Unfortunately for you, oh captive audience, that was also when a few errant dust mites, who clearly don’t know who they’re dealing with!, glommed onto my fancy camera lens. (DON’T WORRY, MOM, NOT THE ACTUAL LENS, JUST THE UV GLASS FILTER.) This is relevant to a discussion of Valspar “Capri Mist” and “Classic Red” because you’re only getting three photos.

This is probably three wall photos too many for some of you, so: whoop dee doo for you.

For the rest of you: I will be sussing out a proper cleaning cloth and fluid tomorrow, and will update this post with more shortly thereafter. So do check back!


2 responses to this post.

  1. i like the red. i’ve been thinking an accent wall would work well in my bedroom so i may take some pointers from what you’ve done here. see you all saturday.


  2. Has a feng shui look to it Nice!


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