kir and apps party

Billy and I have worked out a foolproof system for post-party, tag-team clean-up. In fact, I’ve been hesitant to share it with you all, as it’s so great. I’ve been holding out on you, can you believe it? But today I’m feeling generous. Our hard-won, infallible system is:

Step 1. Saran-wrap and refrigerate any salvageable leftovers.

Step 2. Go to bed.


  • Not having pets
  • Or critter infestations of any sort
  • An empty dishwasher waiting the next morning
  • A certain carefree attitude, specializing in the ne’er-do-well and champagne yawns
  • A comfy bed never hurt, either

Messes and soapsuds are much easier to face the following morning.

I promise.

You need to put at least eight hours’ sleep in-between

Clean up


Shaping lamb sliders, proofing slider buns, assembling caprese picks, caramelizing onions and quartering figs for a tart, making pizza sauce and dough and assembling a pizza, baking croutons, tossing a salad, marinating and broiling shrimp, oven-drying tomatoes, roasting red peppers, whirling together a romesco sauce, dicing tomatoes and cucumbers for Greek salsa, simmering blackberry-lemonade syrup, and making sheets of ice.

You just do.

(You should also give up on taking in-focus pictures of the lovely food, because it gets dark so early and who has time to set up the tripod when the guests are arriving in ten minutes and you haven’t put on make-up and the sliders are cold and oh no there’s not enough dressing? Reader: just trust me, it was lovely.)

But there’s always a frenzy ten minutes before showtime, and our friends are so nice that they don’t care if we’re still banging trays in the oven when they show up. (At least, I don’t think they care. I believe that the don’t care.) I love flouncing around the kitchen, and I love living with someone who’ll clean the house, chop together the Greek salsa, thread basil leaves on toothpicks, and make the margherita pizza (not margarita pizza, like I just wrote) by himself.

Try the wrap-fridge-sleep technique on your next after party!


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