it’s fall somewhere

It was in the high eighties in New York on Saturday, the low seventies when I left it on Sunday, and by the time I got to Williamstown, Massachusetts later that day, into the fifties and sixties. Veritable scarf – boots – trench coat weather. Could I really live in a mountain town where leaves have turned from gold to russet before October? (Better question: Will I get the opportunity to make this choice, oh gods of grad school admission roulette?)

A place where the mountains, yes, look gorgeously aflame — but this for only one month out of the year. There is a coffee shop, albeit a fantastic one: large, inhabited by students, glass display cases filled with sweets and bagels, and creamy, creamy lattes. There is just one Indian restaurant — but what cozy orange walls! I had lunch there on Monday, and went back to the buffet table three times for chicken korma. There is one pizza place (to be fair: perhaps more exist; I mean “one worth mentioning”). But this is what it looks like:

Question. If your pizza place looks like this, do you really need more? Wouldn’t that be gilding the lily? I ask you. Sunday night, I got a frankly delicious take-out pie that I’m still thinking of: pesto sauce, goat cheese and mozzarella, and diced tomatoes. The crust was crisp yet chewy, caramelized in parts. Heavenly.

The profs I met with were really great. I loved MASS MoCA — but then, you already know about that. Driving around the firey mountains was beautiful. I visited Williams for college six (six!?) years ago with my mommers and best friend, and we were, I’m sorry to say, APPALLED at the eerie, cold New England quiet. What a difference college makes, even college in Manhattan. Doesn’t studying in the mountains have some sort of nerdy appeal?



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  1. Posted by Ksenia on September 29, 2010 at 2:55 pm

    MOST beautiful photos EVER. Especially the one looking down on the street from a height. LOVE IT!!! Why did you go to MassMOCA back in Sept??? I forget.
    Anyway, I glad the trip was good.
    Much love, Ksenners x


    • Posted by iowasthinking on September 29, 2010 at 3:27 pm

      Ksen, I didnt’ realize this til I went, but MASS MoCA is less than ten minutes away from Williams, in North Adams. Who knew!? So I went just this past Monday, when I was bopping around Williamstown.


  2. this is gorgeous. you just make me wanna jump on a plane and go back to the states, JUST TO SEE THIS!


  3. […] students trotting down Melrose Avenue, see on the way to school. I saw fall several weeks ago in a chilly and wet Massachusetts, and can now verify: it has finally made its way westward to an unseasonably warm […]


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