flying the coop

And poof! We’re gone! From Iowa, that is, but DON’T WORRY: iowasthinking will keep on keepin’ on throughout what is sure to be a fascinating, if morbidly hot summer in Washington, DC. So I hope you stick around.

BUT WAIT, THERE’S MORE. Before we head to our respective coastal homes, we’re going on vacation! B and I are spending the next three days in New York, and the next ten after that in Paris and Brittany, where half of my family lives. In the former, we’re looking forward to Nutella crêpes, the Orsay, Vélib’ (has anyone done this? i can’t wait!), drinking wine in sidewalk cafes, and staying literally one block from the city’s best falafel joint. In the latter, it’s all about real crêpes, langoustines, the ocean, visiting Pont Aven, and seeing the family.

I will try to update here periodically, but may be too busy wearing a beret.

Finalement: yesterday, Billy and I removed the air conditioning unit from our bedroom window. All part of closing down the house. And you know, we’d been hearing an awful lot of chattering on the other side of it for a couple weeks. We found out why.

Some little bird thought it’d be a terribly clever idea to build a nest inside the window sill, literally underneath the A/C. Of course, we can’t begrudge her the space. It’s sheltered from the elements, and tucked away from predators, and if we enormous home-wrecking humans hadn’t come along, probably would have stayed that way until her fledgling flew the coop. (Of course, if we hadn’t put the A/C there in the first place, would she have had that wonderful nest nook for as long as she did? Doubtful.)

We left as much nest as we could — there was serious brush, guys — and sort of nudged the straw-and-egg tangle forward so the window could shut without crushing anything. I’ve heard that mama birds don’t return to the nest if it’s been meddled with (I wore rubber gloves so my human scent wouldn’t get on it!), but I hope this one does. She’s got all summer to raise a family.

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  1. Posted by fogartyjones on May 9, 2010 at 6:59 pm

    Bon voyage! Hope to see you soon in D.C.


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