museum internship + biscotti

Ten days ago, I had a phone interview for a summer internship with a modern art museum in DC. Four hours later, they called back and offered me the job. (Ahem. “Job.”) So for ten weeks this summer, I’ll be a regular 9-to-5’er — with time outs for intern field trips and panels — in the education department, researching the collection for docent training, organizing artist lectures and public events, helping out with children’s art programs, and so on.

The process of applying to summer internships began for me in late January and it’s been no picnic. Why can’t art internships get it together and standardize — or at least streamline — the application process? The Smithsonian wants everything submitted through their institutional database. A handful of places want snail mail packages, complete with sealed letters of recommendation and official transcripts. Some boutique-ish museums don’t even tell you, apparently steadfast in their belief that the head of Human Resources has nothing better to do with her time than field questions about whether unofficial transcripts are okay, or if writing samples are mandatory. I mean: seriously!

Thankfully, everything magically coalesced at the end and I landed one of my first-choice places. And last week I found myself in the happy position of having to thank recommendation-letter-writers for being such model recommendation-letter-writers. Flexible, generous, and, perhaps best of all, eminently punctual.

So I did what comes naturally. I made biscotti. And here’s why: one, they travel well. Two, they are a very Grown Up treat, being Foreign and therefore Classy. And three, well, I wanted to audition this recipe. (I didn’t say they were all selfless reasons.)

The audition verdict? They are quite Grown Up, by which I mean Not Very Sweet. A bit of a surprise, since there may only be a cup and a third of sugar, but they’re all CHOCOLATE and TWICE BAKED COOKIE and then the CHOCOLATE. Should be sweet, right? I wouldn’t serve them for dessert, but their tight crunch makes them the perfect vehicle for mid-afternoon-coffee-dunking.

Which is exactly how I imagined my former intern supervisor and seminar leader eating them, so . . .  TA! (Also: notice no butter. Makes for a waist-line friendly break, indeed.) I solicited some lovely help from a craftily-inclined friend and fellow blogger for packaging suggestions, and boom — these bundles are off to New York. And I can’t wait to follow them east in several weeks.


3 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Martha on April 11, 2010 at 5:02 pm

    Lucky recommenders!


  2. Posted by ksenia on April 12, 2010 at 9:08 am

    So cute!!!


  3. I love getting biscotti as a gift! That wrapping job looks lovely


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