tiramisu cake

Do you ever just feel like making a fuss?

With cake, that is. And the key with a successful fuss is: trust the steps.

When Rob and Jill invited us over for some spaghetti and outrageously tender meatballs, and I had a whole Friday morning to make layers and syrup and extract and frosting . . .

only one dessert fit the bill.

This isn’t your traditional tiramisu. First off, it’s cake, right — not ladyfingers. But the mascarpone cream, the liqueur and the espresso soak: hello, old friends.

I had doubled the espresso syrup, but only ended up using half of it; also known as, the original amount. And you know — I should have used it all, the cake could have used that super soak.

After chilling in the fridge yesterday afternoon, the cake itself was an eense dry. So definitely use all that coffee saucy goodness.

It had gone deliciously crumbly when I had an investigatory bite this morning — still moist, though, and bound together with all that whipped cream-based icing. Be assured it keeps well.

Here’s the recipe, all written out for you.


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