kir royales and valentines

Time, friends! It passes. And here we are, already at mid February and as far as you know I have spent the month alternately binging on and shunning pancakes, and cleverly chatting up elementary algebra exercises. Which is only half true. The other thing I’ve been doing is waiting for the barrister’s ball. Law prom, in other words, complete with corsages and zillions of couples poses — but despite the implicit corniness in twenty-somethings going to a school dance, it was actually awesome.

And since it’s prom, there has to be a pre-prom, so on Friday evening Billy and I had eight more kiddos over for cheese, hummus, flatbread, assorted nibbles and, of course, champagne. Kir royales, actually, which is champagne with a dabble of creme de cassis flavoring —  and proved a tremendous hit with the lawyer-to-be crowd. To the uninitiated: we’re coming for you. We even took group shots, with every imaginable subdivision of guests!

We feasted for the next hour or so at Formosa, the sushi spot on the Ped Mall downtown. Billy and I enjoyed their fruity martinis with dragon rolls, California rolls, and the afore-written-about Tuna Tataki and Tropical Rainforest. Mmmm. And then, of course the prom part!

Well, we didn’t actually stay that long. The ballroom at the Sheraton downtown was nice, if not particularly festive looking, and I actually quite liked the DJ. But four hours of three-inch heels and cocktails had made enough of a dent in my energy that we went home, pumpkin-like, by midnight. And the next morning . . .

. . . some roses winged their way to our front door! So at nine am, I was padding downstairs in slippers and robe to sign for this big surprise. (Valentine’s Day/weekend must be a nice time to work delivery at a florist. Everyone is very nice to you.)

That night Billy and I went to the ever-wonderful Devotay for dinner. Like most restaurants in town, they offered a Valentine’s Day prix-fixe menu, but we still had to get an order of paella. When it’s warm enough, I have very real ambitions of replicating it on the grill (I’ve seen Bobby Flay do it! Doesn’t that mean I can, too?), but until then, I’m happy as a clam to stick with Devotay’s version every single time.

On the real Vday we went to Linn Street Cafe, and you know I’d love to tell you about that. But right now I have to go eat my chocolate.


3 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by redchiffonskirt on March 3, 2010 at 9:50 pm

    which dress did you end up deciding on?

    also, you know my love for kir royales so i hope you know i’m drooling all over my keyboard


  2. Posted by redchiffonskirt on March 3, 2010 at 11:00 pm

    it actually looks better on you than the model on the website


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