oh, come ON!

Just look at this!

No sooner do I blog the teeniest complaint about dirty snow piles does a winter wonderland blow straight into Washington and slap it across the face. I know what you’re thinking. Haven’t we seen this warning before? Yes, this storm is a total copycat. We got that foot-and-change of accumulation, 50 mph gusts of wind, whiteout conditions, and snowfall at a rate of two inches per hour —  last week. And the second thing you’re thinking — I thought it too! Surely, not a foot and a half of snow. Maybe it just looks that way to you DC/MD/VA-ers, who are truly, notoriously awful at coping with winter weather and once closed the federal government (The. Federal. Government!)  over two inches. Well . . .

Then my mom sent me these. This looks real to me, folks. The flight that was meant to put me in DC two hours ago (ha!) has been grounded until tomorrow. Which is just as well since it’s not like anything is working there. Honestly, I will count myself extraordinarily lucky to arrive tomorrow at all, let alone without delays.

Fortunately, here in Iowa City, Santa’s like the postman and never misses his appointed rounds. Billy and I celebrated an early Christmas last night, and I’ve been playing with this outrageously generous present since I woke up for the second time this morning. (The first was at 4am to drive B. to the airport. He’s basking in 80 degree temperatures right now, by the way.)

WOWEE. It’s so shiny! And then I might, just might, have done this for second breakfast.

Other distinct possibilities: That is a chocolate croissant. That is a homemade chocolate croissant. There’s a pair of very good friends coming over to eat them in an hour. Being stuck here isn’t actually that bad.


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  1. Posted by Red Chiffon Skirt on December 30, 2009 at 11:59 am

    OMG! look at charlie!!


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