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Well kids, all the leaves are gone. And yet we’re still flush from the weekend’s Indian Summer (seventy degrees for our 20 person tailgate on Saturday) and the shock that, at this mid-November-in-Iowa juncture, it’s still warm enough to throw on tights and shorts. Our Halloween pumpkins may not have attracted any trick-or-treaters (!!!) but they did rot, rather than freeze, so let’s be thankful for small blessings.

Where have the last three weeks taken you? I’ve been a smidge busy with starting two jobs in as many weeks and I’ll tell you all about my board-folding, un-deux-trois adventures in due course but today we’re going to talk about food.

devotay windows

I have a soft spot for tapas restaurants. I could happily nosh on their bite-sized, twice-the-taste offerings every day. Not everyone shared this passion, though. See: my birthday restaurant from two years ago, Sala (of the honeyed, baked goat cheese!) on the Bowery shutting its doors. At least we’ve found a fantastic sub out here.

Devotay has fast topped my list of favorite Iowa City restaurants, for several reasons. Obviously, one is the ambiance — low lights, real and fake candles, mismatched chairs, twisted ceiling cloths and most of all,  twinkle lights lining the waist-to-ceiling paned windows. (Can someone say little owl?) It’s understated and lovely, and those windows always fools me into thinking we’re in a much bigger and — forgive me — more cosmopolitan city.

Another reason is the zucchini tapas. Easily the best preparation of this vegetable I’ve ever tasted. They’re cut lengthwise, served grilled and juicy and piping hot with an accompanying dollop of the lightest aioli. If I ever cook a suitable approximation of it, I will pass it on and take credit for changing your lives. But in the meantime, I keep hoping to be banished to a desert island and allowed to take only one food, because friends! this would be it.


The rest of the tapas menu is largely a hit, too. In recent visits we’ve been delighted by their crispy mozzarella, chevre, and asiago quesadilla, oozing plate of baked chevre and caramelized onions, and tiny mussels sauteed in white wine. On the weaker end, the grilled calamari and salsa mojo isn’t enough of a twist on the usual fried calamari with some cocktail sauce.

The Devotay paella is a delicious, balanced mix of chorizo, chicken, shrimp and mussels with the usual saffron rice studded with peas and tomatoes. The flavors were a little floppy when we first went, but now they’ve been consistently wow every time. Sure, the restaurant offers a few other main course options like braised lamb, pork loin, a daily preparation of beef and fish, as well as a handful of sandwiches. And I can’t speak to those entrees since I’ve never had them — but why would I? Do the right thing. Follow a round of tapas with a shared serving of their house paella and red sangria. You may be a little disappointed when you leave to find yourself in Iowa City, not the coast of Spain — but at least you get to come back. Again and again.



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  2. Posted by Ron Harris on November 17, 2009 at 6:53 pm

    Hi there Natalie and Billy,

    You, Natalie, are one very clever and smart lady. I love your blog – witty, informative, fun and interesting. And now that I’m a subscriber, I’ll not miss an entry. I really am utterly impressed with your entries and envy Billy as the recipient of your obvious culinary skills.

    So sorry you won’t be coming to Pasadena for the Rose Bowl but then neither will USC, which has totally tanked the last month. Too bad as it was shaping up for a great O’Hare-Harris rivalry. Billy, how’s law? Got that Palsgraf case down? Lordie, where has time, that most weird of properties in physics, gone. Seems so recent that I was tutoring you and Ry in bio. Perhaps you heard that I might be up for a MACY’s Highest Achievement award for my inimitable portrayal in “Putnam Spelling Bee” by the Park Ave. Players, of which I am now officially a member sort of. Saw Jesse Fair recently, who had a rather woeful look in his eyes when describing his near future. So, it’s really the ‘best of times and the worst of times’ for being in law school or just any school. I know you’ll do a stellar job since you’re your Dad’s clone.

    Disappointed to hear that you two will not be coming here for Thanksgiving. Do make up for it, however, by traveling west for part of the Christmas holidays. All of us really look forward to seeing you.

    Keep writing that blog, taking photos and having such a wonderful time.

    Ron Harris


    • Posted by iowasthinking on November 20, 2009 at 6:57 pm

      Thanks Ron! And in fact, I’ve just booked tickets to California from January 4 to the 9. So I’ll see you all then — it’ll be nice to come into some warmth for a change.


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