football two

Almost a week since the last post?! I know you’ve all been withering away without my scintillating narration of the roller coaster of Iowan high life — much like the pathetic, parched Mums in my teensy flowerbed that I keep forgetting to water die randomly to spite me. But dry your eyes, blooming readers. It was football weekend.

kinnick stadium

Unlike last Football Weekend, this time the game didn’t start until 2:30pm, so we had a gracious lie-in until 8am, at which point our across the street neighbors/passionate tailgaters started their keg festivities. We awoke to the dulcet tones of wooden stakes being hammered into the ground, presumably to emphasize that their lawn is not a parking lot. We — or rather, our duplex mates — went in the other direction. Apparently selling parking spots on the grass implicitly also permits impromptu barbecuing on it and use of bathroom facilities (though not ours).

front lawn

We didn’t have the 3L’s tailgate to attend (they’re out of town! we were invited back! next time!) so Rob, Jill, Billy, and I cooked brats and sausages on our porch. A later, calmer, and less beer-y lead up to the game than the last, though we did have some surprise visitors. A guy on the other side of the house is vice president of the law school fraternity so a lot of 1Ls stopped by his house and, since it’s attached, ours too. Anyway, not exactly a proper tailgate of our own, but a start. At least we had the grub down; next time we just need the equipment.

kinnick at the start of the game

Needless to say, it was quite a scene outside Kinnick when the floodgates opened. Unfortunately (because it necessitated an extra one-two trip home) and stupidly (because the purses were regulation last time) we were turned away at the gates for having Too Big Purses . . .

black out game

. . . but once we got inside it was quite a scene, too. U of Iowa played the University of Arizona Wildcats, the red contingency in the audience on the right. We gained the lead before halftime and kept it the rest of the game. And speaking of halftime: our marching band is good, but what odd musical selections! Last time, a song by Lifehouse. Bad to start, and not improved in a giant stadium. Shocker, I know. This time they performed the Beach Boys, which was indeed an improvement. But at the UNI game two weeks ago, they played Ben Hur. Ben Hur! Now that is warrior-worthy.


Even without the warrior music, we stormed in triumphantly for the second half. I think this was meant to be a close game, but we are VERY good and won 27-17.

running in

The four of us left a few minutes into the fourth quarter. Partly because we were seated in front of a pair of truly wretched sports fans who kept yelling profanities at other spectators and the players. Equal opportunity! Partly to avoid the crush of leaving spectators. And partly because (uh-oh) we were a bit football-saturated. This does not bode too well for the rest of the season. We must soldier on though! and I look forward to dressing in hawkeye fleeces and tailgating with peppermint schnapps hot chocolate. That’ll be any week now.



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  1. Posted by charlie fitness on November 15, 2009 at 12:29 am

    College Football Reigns !!!!!!!


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