about move-in

Some people have move-in day.

We — it appears increasingly likely — are to have move-in fortnight.

This is what happens when you rent a hundred-year old house whose former pack of renters were more termite than tenant. So even having sent an anticipatory team of Merry Maids to scour and shine before our arrival, two sets of parents, boyfriend and I spent two entire days cleaning, and acquiring the products to clean more. Thus: mopped and waxed wood floors, scrubbed light fixtures, dusted door frames, polished bathroom, lined drawers, and Goof Offed window frames.

And then after parent sets one and two left on August 12, we still weren’t done. Aren’t done.

Enter the Geek Squad, junk collectors, power washers and window cleaners, handyman extraordinaire (Benn, who is here now and installing our drape rods), landscapers and house painters. All told, we’ll be lucky to have this weekend to ourselves, to say nothing of having our bed frame and dresser delivered by this weekend.

It’s all worth it though, when you’ve gone from these barebones —

living room, before

— to this.

new dining room view


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